“Plan Empowered” is an experience. It’s the name we use to describe our unique approach to helping you reach your goals. It’s a blend of partnership, education and customized focus which enables you to make informed decisions that keep you on track and in control.

As part of our rebranding initiative, we spent much time analyzing how we work with our clients. Specifically, we zeroed in on our approach, the relationships we build with you and how we help to guide you through our process. The result was “Plan Empowered,” which became the new TimeScale Financial tagline.

Using our “Plan Empowered” approach, there are three differentiators we believe you should benefit from:

1.    Redefine Your Standard

This is the principal that each relationship we have is an advisory partnership whereby you deserve to experience financial empowerment and fiduciary excellence.

2.    Measure What Matters to You

This is the steadfast conviction that together we will coordinate all aspects of your plan and track your progress, not just investment performance. Accomplishing what’s important to you is ultimately your definition of success.

3.    Make Every Day, and Every Dollar, Count for More

This is the belief that small changes over time can have on big impact on your success. Prudence and discipline may not be glamorous, but we are big fans and have seen their power.

After years of applying our approach to help so many individuals, families and plan sponsors reach their goals, we are excited to brand “Plan Empowered” and leverage it to help even more people and businesses.

Tell us what “Plan Empowered” means to you here at info@timescalefinancial.com.