As a plan sponsor you have an immense and diverse set of responsibilities.

Your goal is to provide your employees with a benefit to assist them in achieving a secure retirement.

Your challenges are to meet the expectations of your employees given the resources of your organization, and to manage the operational, investment, compliance and education responsibilities of offering a retirement plan.

& 401K PLANS

We are a co-fiduciary and
extension of your team.

We are a co-fiduciary and extension of your team.

We know what you have to deal with. No one in your organization is solely responsible for the retirement plan, but there are multiple disparate functions that must be coordinated and managed. Functions such as plan design, eligibility and compensation determination, payroll submissions, interpretation of ERISA regulations, investment monitoring, error corrections, compliance testing, government reporting, vendor oversight and employee education and guidance.

Plan Services

We partner with plan sponsors as a co-fiduciary and effectively operate as the “chief operating officer” of the plan by coordinating and synchronizing relevant functions with the retirement plan committee, internal staff and external vendors. This gives plan sponsors full confidence that their retirement plans are optimally managed from an operational, investment, compliance and employee guidance standpoint.


Our service approach is rooted in fiduciary best practices. For each of our plan sponsors, we establish and maintain a prudent and efficient governance structure that defines how we approach and manage the following four core responsibilities:











We operate as the coordinator of all plan activities to assure the plan operates in a smooth, efficient, cost-effective and compliant manner.

What must be done to run the plan. This includes plan design, record keeping and administration, vendor selection and monitoring, issue resolution, and employee communications.

Operational Advisory And Oversight Services

  • Plan operational oversight and error resolution
  • Vendor oversight, management and issue resolution
  • Vendor fee and service review
  • Vendor search
  • Vendor transition oversight, management and issue resolution
  • Merger and acquisition advisory services

What must be done to assure participants are offered appropriate investment options to build sensible asset allocations to meet their individual goals

Investment Advisory And Oversight Services

  • Investment policy statement development, implementation and oversight
  • Fund menu design, implementation and oversight
  • Fund monitoring and reporting
  • Fund manager research
  • Fund transition oversight

What must be done to meet all regulatory requirements as mandated by IRS, Department of Labor, and Securities and Exchange Comission.

Fiduciary Advisory And Oversight Services

  • Act as 3(21) plan fiduciary
  • Establish and maintain plan governance structure
  • Plan fiduciary education
  • Plan fiduciary responsibility/liability assesment
  • Plan committee charter development, implementation and oversight
  • Policy development, implementation and oversight
  • Fiduciary compliance file maintenance

What must be done to help employees understand the benefits of the plan and meet their individual financial goals

Employee Advisory And Education Services

  • Strategy development, implementation and oversight
  • Group employee education meetings
  • One-on-one employee education and counseling
  • Financial guidance provided by experienced Certified Financial PlannelĀ®

Compliance Advisory And Oversight Services

  • Plan compliance oversight
  • Plan communications coordination and oversight
  • Plan regulatory reporting oversight
  • Plan audit coordination (Annual, IRS, DOL)