I started my career in financial advice because I believed the industry did not focus on what mattered the most to helping people reach financial success. In my opinion, the financial advice industry was centered around advisors’ needs, products and compensation rather than the needs of individuals. Too much emphasis was being placed on investment performance versus a client’s actual progress toward their goal. As a result, many consumers were confused, over-charged and misled.

As I dug in, I recognized the same issue existed for plan sponsors. The advice they frequently received was overly focused on investments and bundled in complex fee structures.

So, I built a firm that sought to be an alternative for individuals and plan sponsors whose needs are often overlooked and minimized.

In 2012, I accelerated my mission by partnering with Dave Caruso at Coastal Capital Group to become an industry-leading advisory firm that challenges the status quo and provides a client experience that is based in education, empowerment, and transparency. Under the Coastal Capital Group umbrella, we have helped hundreds of individuals and families achieve and enjoy their unique definition of financial independence. We have also helped many plan sponsors implement a prudent governance structure that has resulted in an optimally managed retirement plan while providing meaningful retirement resources for their employees.

We are proud of our history and those that we have helped. Yet we still wanted our purpose-driven firm to have a name that more closely represents our firm values and the unique relationship we have with our clients. After much reflection and research, we made the bold move to rebrand as TimeScale Financial. We selected “TimeScale” because it refers to “a standard,” as well as “a measurement of time.” We want TimeScale Financial to become synonymous with the industry standard for advisory partnerships. We also want our new name to convey the uniqueness of your goals and our Plan Empowered approach to help you accomplish them.

With this launch, we are excited to share our new brand and website with you. More importantly, we want to thank you for your partnership and the opportunity to create an even better advisory experience together.